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Our classes are run by one personal trainer and one physically fit dog trainer.  Everyone is considered a team; therefore, the class is never divided into levels.  Whether it's the actual workout or basic obedience, the Thank Dog! team will always be available to personally help and guide each pair as they need it. 

and Fun!
Mandatory consultation (includes health evaluation, dog temperament evaluation and obedience lesson) - $60* 

Both dogs and owners must attend a consultation and obedience lesson before entering the program.  This is to ensure that dogs and their people are familiar with their basic commands so that the workout will go smoothly (owners will be given homework to maintain training outside of bootcamp) for all participants.  

In order to assure the safety of all participants, all dogs are evaluated for temperament to prevent HUMAN aggression within the class (but we do take the most unruly doggies!)  If owners wish, we can provide more precise measurements in order to ensure a healthy start while also discussing future goals. 

*You and your dog will learn the 9 commands required for the program. Partners receive a packet explaining all of the necessary and relevant information about the bootcamp.  At this time all dogs will temperament evaluated. 

**We DO evaluate and work with aggressive dogs.  We WILL ALLOW them in class IF AND ONLY IF he is obeying and under control at all times (we DO NOT allow dog socialization - only people!). For safety reasons, aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle.


The following packages must be completed Within 4 Weeks from start date - NO MAKE UPS unless discussed with trainer during sign up
Dates &


Arlington County

Saturday – 8 - 9 am




1 x week - $80 (4 classes)

2 x week - $139 (8 classes)
3 x week - $169 (12 classes)

Drop in (assuming you've completed the consultation) - $25


1 Consultation - $60
1 Consultation & 1 Class - $75


Weekday Class Location

Bluemont Park  (parking lot off of Wilson & Manchester)

601 N Manchester St
Arlington, VA 22203



Saturday Class Location

Quincy St. Park

1021 N Quincy St. Arlington, VA  22201

**If you have 5 or more people interested in a time or location not listed (in a 60 mile radius from these locations), but are willing to commit if we can accomodate you, email us!
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